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Making learning personal for all North Dakota learners. 

North Dakota learners deserve an education that is learner-centered, allowing them to personalize their pathway to mastery.

Personalized learning focuses on learners’ individual strengths, needs, and interests. Personalized learning provides equitable access to supports and differentiated ways to demonstrate what they know and can do, ensuring each learner graduates choice ready to positively impact the world.

Personalized Learning:

Key Elements

Copy of KW-NorthDakota_PersonalizedLearningFramework_8.5x11V.png

Learn Together

Get involved in a variety of in-person and virtual learning opportunities throughout the year. 

Explore Resources

Get started by learning more about key elements of personalized learning and implementation. 


Connect with Us

Join us and a growing group of educators committed to making learning personal for all learners.

Colorful Books

“Learners- I think they’re making the shift to understanding. It’s not just about the grade. It’s about the learning along the way and showing what they know. They advocate for themselves with their teachers. They have a good grasp of knowing what they need.”
– Oakes Leader

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